Ruel Luna

Trade for your website 0

Trade for your website

Trade for your website. You have stumbled upon this page either you have no cash on-hand and wants a quick website or application. I have a barter system that works as trade to your...

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Laravel Cebu

  Yesterday, I created a community Facebook page for Artisans here in Cebu. I’m hoping to find and collaborate with them mostly in creating applications using Laravel. If you’re reading this and is willing...

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CVI Batch 2005 Reunion.

CVI Batch 2005 Reunion  …a 10-year throwback! Thank you all who attended. all who sponsored. all who were willing to attend. Special thanks to all the people who brought this event successful!!

Dumber than you 2

Dumber than you

I was riding my motorbike @ 40kph while a taxi is in front of me with the same speed. As a rule of thumb, I placed myself on the right side enough for the driver to...

Heavy Rain 0

Heavy Rain

March 26, 2015.   My motorbike didn’t start today. I was just parking outside the house and it’s a bit sloppy. There was water inside the carburator due to the heavy rain. I was...

heidisql 0

HeidiSQL: Navicat Alternative

Navicat is bit pricey here in the third world. So, I was finding a solution that is capable of SSH’ing to remote MySQL databases. Research has been made and tried some of the open...